The Best Wet-Dry Vacuums

The Best Wet-Dry Vacuums
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WORX Nitro 20V 2.1 Gal Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Clean up small messes and spills quickly and efficiently with the WORX Nitro 20V 2.1 Gal Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum! This powerful wet/dry vac is designed for fast and effective pick-up of large and small debris alike, including liquid. With a detachable blower function, this innovative vacuum also helps you clear away leaves, dust, or dirt from hard-to-reach outdoor surfaces.

Reviewers say:

Best Buy in Cordless Vacuums

Perfect for cars

Portable & Easy to Use!

High quality, great suction & super lightweight!

It SUCKS - in a great way!!

Awesome little vacuum

It's portable, love this

It's light weight, easy to clean anywhere

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DEWALT Portable 4 gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

No job is too big or too small with the DEWALT Portable 4 gallon Wet Dry Vacuum. This powerful, portable vacuum offers exceptional suction power and convenient mobility to get the job done quickly. With four gallons of storage capacity and a uniquely designed hose that pivots in multiple directions you can clean up spills, dust and dirt from hard to reach places with ease.

Reviewers say:

Surprisingly Well Built

Good Engineering in the Design

Excellent for the price with no obvious drawbacks

Small but mighty,

Great shop vac

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Vacmaster 6 Gallon 3 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

The Vacmaster 6 Gallon 3 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Shop Vacuum is the perfect choice for any home or business. With its powerful 3 peak HP motor and stainless steel construction, this vacuum provides superior suction power to tackle even the toughest messes. Not only is it great at cleaning up dry materials such as sawdust and wood chips, but it can also easily handle wet spills due to its built-in water lift capacity.

Reviewers say:

Worth it

Great little Shop Vac

Good suction

Powerful suction

This vacuum takes use and abuse and still works


Works Great

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Amazon Basics 2.5-Gallon 2 HP Wet/Dry Vacuum

The Amazon Basics 2.5-Gallon 2 HP Wet Dry Vacuum is the perfect addition to any home or garage toolkit. With its powerful 2 horsepower motor and large capacity tank, it delivers superior suction power for cleaning up wet and dry messes quickly and effortlessly. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport, maneuver and store, while its compact size helps save precious space in your work area.

Reviewers say:

A lot of stuff in a small package


Designed well, works well

Better suction than Rigid

Whoa, doggy!

Good quality, can handle the biggest jobs

Very Good For Snowy Days

Vacmaster 12-Gallon 5 Peak HP Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

The Vacmaster VBV1210 12-Gallon 5 Peak HP Wet Dry Shop Vacuum is the perfect solution for any busy home or workshop. This powerful vacuum provides an impressive 5 peak horsepower motor and a large capacity tank that can hold up to 12 gallons of debris. Not only does this make it ideal for tackling bigger jobs, but it also makes cleaning up messes faster and easier than ever before.

Reviewers say:

The Detachable Blower makes the difference

Works great for yellow jackets and more

Great quality

Great purchase

Awesome Product

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, Wet Dry Vacuum

Keep your home looking neat and tidy with the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine. This wet or dry vacuum is designed to empower you to clean your home quickly and efficiently so that you have more time for other important tasks. Outfitted with dual tank technology, this innovative machine allows you to simultaneously wash and extract dirty water, leaving floors squeaky clean in a fraction of the time it would take if done manually.

Reviewers say:

Best hard floor cleaner on the planet!

Useful for liquid spills, muddy footprints, or if you have large areas to mop

Great buy, it does the job!

Koblenz Portable Wet-Dry Vacuum, 2.0 Gallon/2.0HP

The Koblenz WD-2L Portable Wet-Dry Vacuum is the perfect cleaning solution for any home or workspace. With its powerful 2.0HP motor, this vacuum makes light work of dirt and debris, whether wet or dry – no job is too big! The durable design ensures reliability and longevity, while the two gallon tank has plenty of capacity to take care of most messes without having to empty it multiple times.

Reviewers say:

Great mini vacuum

This is a great little vacuum

Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum, 6 Gallon, 4 Horsepower, Stainless Steel Tank, 4.0 HP

Make any mess disappear with the Stanley SL18116 Wet Dry Vacuum! This powerful 4.0 HP unit comes complete with a 6-gallon stainless steel tank, making it perfect for tackling even the toughest jobs. From unclogging drains to cleaning up after home renovations, this wet dry vacuum gets it done quickly and efficiently. The lightweight design makes it easy to use and transport around your home or work site.

Reviewers say:

Small but Mighty

Powerful little guy!!!

Excellent unit!

Efficient and VERY powerful!

Great cheap vacuum

Great little lightweight shop vac!

Build for light weight and good suction

Better than I thought

Stanley Wet/Dry, 3 Gallon, 3 Horsepower, Portable Car Vacuum, 3.0 HP AC

The Stanley SL18910P-3 Wet Dry, 3 Gallon, 3 Horsepower, Portable Car Vacuum is the ultimate cleaning solution for your vehicle. This powerful vacuum features a 3 horsepower AC motor to make quick work of dirt and debris in even the tightest spots. Its large capacity 3 gallon tank will fit more than enough to get the whole car cleaned out at once. It's also conveniently portable so you can take it with you wherever you need to clean your vehicle.

Reviewers say:

Just the right size for a shop vac you can take anywhere!

Convenient, efficient and perfect in and out of car!!


Lots of bang for the buck

Armor All 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet/Dry Utility Shop Vacuum

The Armor All AA255 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet Dry Utility Shop Vacuum is the perfect solution for all of your cleaning needs. Its powerful 2 peak horsepower motor provides maximum suction power to quickly and easily clean up both wet and dry messes, from spilled liquids to sawdust and more. The versatile design allows you to use it with any standard shop vacuum accessories, giving you even greater control over your cleaning projects.

Reviewers say:

No Question, the Best Corded Small Job Vac on the Block!

Strong suction

Great Compact Vac For My RV

So glad I took a chance with this!!

Really good quality

Very convenient and great value for price!

All around all purpose vacuum!

The Best Wet-Dry Vacuums

Wet-dry vacuums are a versatile and powerful tool for cleaning up messes indoors or outdoors. Whether it's spills, sawdust, mud, or pet hair you need to clean up, there is a wet-dry vacuum that can help make the job easier and faster. With so many models on the market today, it can be hard to decide which one is best suited for your needs. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best wet-dry vacuums available. Our list includes vacuums with powerful suction capabilities, multi-functional tools and attachments for tackling tough stains and debris, as well as models with unique features like HEPA filtration systems for improved air quality.

Types of Wet-Dry Vacuums

When it comes to tackling big messes, wet-dry vacuums are the go-to machine for many busy households. Wet-dry vacs offer powerful cleaning capabilities that make them ideal for homes dealing with large spills and other messes. But there are different types of wet-dry vacuums available on the market, and it’s important to know which one is right for your home.

The most common type of wet-dry vacuum is the upright model, which has a canister and hose attached to it. These models are great for hard floors such as tile or wood because they can easily suck up debris without disturbing the surface. Another popular choice is the handheld wet-dry vacuum, which typically has an extendable wand that allows you to reach tight spaces like car interiors and stairs more easily than an upright model would.

Benefits of Wet-Dry Vacuuming

Wet-dry vacuum cleaners have been a preferred choice for many households and businesses alike. Not only are these vacuums powerful enough to clean up large messes, they are also incredibly versatile. There are several benefits that come with wet-dry vacuuming that make it the ideal choice for a variety of needs.

The main benefit of using wet-dry vacuums is their ability to suck up both liquid and dry debris. This makes them ideal for cleaning up spills, mud, pet hair, and other debris in any room of the house or office. Additionally, most wet-dry vacs can be used on carpets, hardwood floors, furniture, and even cars. They are also able to reach tight corners and difficult spots that regular vacuums cannot access easily.

Features to Consider when Buying

When it comes to cleaning up messes around the home, wet-dry vacuums are a versatile and powerful option. With the right model, you can easily clean up spills and debris without the hassle of lugging out a bulky traditional vacuum cleaner. But with so many models available on the market, how do you choose? Before buying a wet-dry vacuum, consider these essential features:

First off, look for an adjustable power setting that suits your needs. Depending on your task at hand, you may want to adjust the power level of your vacuum to ensure it’s not too strong or weak for delicate materials like tile grout or hardwood floors. Additionally, make sure that the size of your tank is adequate enough to handle any job—a bigger tank holds more dirt and liquid but takes up more space in storage and during use. Also, consider how easily you can empty and clean your wet-dry vacuum tank. Some models are self-draining, which is convenient for cleaning purposes; other models have a built-in pump to aid with the draining process. Other features to consider include a hose with attachments for versatility, and a blower-only feature if you want to use your wet-dry vacuum as a leaf blower.

Today, wet-dry vacuums are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience, performance and ease of use. While there are many different models to choose from, some of the most highly regarded brands and models stand out from the crowd in terms of quality and performance. To help you make an informed purchase decision, we've compiled a list of the best wet-dry vacuums on the market today.

WORX Nitro Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum

The WORX Nitro WX031L 20V 2.1 Gal Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum is a great choice for anyone looking for a wet-dry vacuum that is both powerful and portable. This cordless vac offers the convenience of portability without sacrificing suction power, so you can tackle any mess with ease. The 2.1 gallon capacity provides plenty of space to take on large jobs, while the HEPA filter ensures effective dust collection. This wet-dry vac features a handheld design, allowing you to get into tight spots with ease, as well as an onboard storage solution to keep all your tools in one place. With 20 volts of power and up to 15 minutes run time per battery charge, this vacuum has the ability to handle most residential cleaning tasks without being tethered by cords or hoses.

DEWALT Portable Wet Dry Vacuum

The DEWALT DXV04T Portable 4 gallon Wet Dry Vacuum is a powerful and dependable wet-dry vacuum that can tackle nearly any mess. This lightweight and compact wet-dry vac is perfect for tackling smaller jobs in tight areas. With a long power cord, it's easy to move around, allowing you to clean up faster without the hassle of dragging an extension cord around with you. The 4 gallon capacity tank provides plenty of storage space for larger projects, while the on board accessory storage keeps all your attachments organized and within reach when needed. Additionally, the blower port turns this vacuum into a high powered air mover – perfect for quickly drying carpets after spills or cleaning off hard surfaces like decks or patios.

Vacmaster Wet Dry Shop Vacuum

When it comes to wet-dry vacuums, the Vacmaster VQ607SFD 6 Gallon 3 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet Dry Shop Vacuum is a great option for any home or workshop. This vacuum offers superior power and performance with its three-peak horsepower motor that can easily handle even the toughest messes. The stainless steel tank ensures durability and rust-resistance, so you know that your machine will last for years to come. Additionally, this vacuum features an extra-large capacity of six gallons which makes it perfect for larger jobs around the house or in your garage. This versatile model also includes a variety of attachments such as a crevice tool, wet pick up nozzle, and dust bag adapter which make it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Amazon Basics Wet Dry Vacuum

If you're looking for a powerful and reliable wet-dry vacuum, the Amazon Basics 2.5-Gallon 2 HP Wet Dry Vacuum is your best bet. With its powerful 2 HP motor and 2.5-gallon tank capacity, this model can handle large messes with ease. It also has an impressive 10 foot cord that provides more than enough length to reach any area in your home or workshop. The device's durable construction is designed to withstand continuous use over time, making it an ideal choice for anyone who needs a reliable wet-dry vacuum on a regular basis. Additionally, the Amazon Basics Wet Dry Vacuum comes in at an affordable price point, meaning you don't have to break the bank just to get a quality product.

Vacmaster 12-G Wet Dry Shop Vacuum

When it comes to wet-dry vacuums, the Vacmaster 12-Gallon 5 Peak HP Wet Dry Shop Vacuum is a great choice for those who need to tackle large messes. This powerful vacuum is capable of collecting both wet and dry debris, making it an ideal tool for tackling big jobs in garages, workshops and basements. Its 12-gallon capacity provides plenty of space for getting rid of large piles of dirt and other messes, while its five peak horsepower engine ensures that you can pick up even the toughest debris without any difficulty. The excellent suction power makes this vacuum perfect for use on carpets and other surfaces where deep cleaning is necessary. Plus, its built-in blower port allows you to blast away leaves and small debris from tight spaces like gutters or flower beds with ease.

Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine

The Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Machine, Wet Dry Vacuum is a great tool for the homeowner looking to tackle both wet and dry messes. This powerful machine is perfect for cleaning up everything from pet hair to spilled liquids. The dual tank system offers convenience in that it can be used as a traditional vacuum and then quickly switch over to being a wet-dry vac for more stubborn messes.

The unit itself is lightweight and has a low profile nozzle that easily gets into tight spaces like underneath furniture or behind appliances. It also comes with four interchangeable brushes for different surfaces including laminate, tile, sealed wood flooring, and area rugs. These attachments offer maximum versatility in cleaning all types of hard surfaces. Plus there’s an additional crevice tool attachment for getting into even tighter spots.

Koblenz Portable Wet-Dry Vacuum

The Koblenz WD-2L Portable Wet-Dry Vacuum, 2.0 Gallon 2.0HP is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and lightweight wet-dry vacuum. This model boasts an impressive 2 horsepower motor that easily handles both wet and dry messes, making it perfect for tackling any job big or small. It also features a large capacity dustbin which allows you to clean more efficiently with fewer stops to empty the bin. Additionally, its compact size makes it easy to store in tight spaces such as closets or garages, while its portability means you can take it anywhere you need to go. Whether you're dealing with spilled liquids in your kitchen or cleaning up sawdust from your workshop, the Koblenz WD-2L Portable Wet-Dry Vacuum is an excellent choice for all of your vacuuming needs.

Stanley Wet Dry Vacuum

The Stanley SL18116 Wet Dry Vacuum, 6 Gallon, 4 Horsepower, Stainless Steel Tank, 4.0 HP is one of the best wet-dry vacuums on the market today. This powerful vacuum features a stainless steel tank that is capable of holding up to six gallons of debris and liquids. The four horsepower motor provides ample power for even the toughest jobs around the house or workshop. With its high performance and durability, this wet-dry vacuum is perfect for tackling any messy project with ease and efficiency. Plus, it has an impressive suction capacity so you can easily pick up large pieces of debris without difficulty. Whether you need to clean up after a renovation or just want a reliable machine for everyday use, this Stanley model will get the job done fast and effectively.

Stanley SL18910P-3 Wet Dry Vacuum

If you're looking for a portable, powerful vacuum cleaner to tackle wet and dry messes in your car, the Stanley SL18910P-3 Wet Dry Vacuum is just what you need. This 3 gallon, 3 horsepower, portable car vacuum uses a three horsepower AC motor to powerfully suck up wet and dry messes quickly and efficiently. It's perfect for cleaning up liquid spills in the car or sucking out dirt and dust from tight corners. It has a 10-foot cord that allows users to cover plenty of area without having to move the vac around too much. It also comes with an extra long hose that gives it great reach into tight spaces like under seats or inside vents. The included crevice tool easily gets into hard-to-reach places for deep cleaning action on carpets, upholstery and other surfaces.

Armor All Wet Dry Utility Shop Vacuum

Armor All's AA255 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Wet Dry Utility Shop Vacuum is one of the best wet-dry vacuums on the market today. This vacuum comes equipped with a powerful motor, which is capable of delivering maximum suction and airflow. Its large capacity tank can hold up to 2.5 gallons of dirt and debris, making it ideal for tackling even the toughest messes in your home or shop. The Armor All wet dry vacuum also includes a variety of accessories, such as an extension wand, crevice tool, floor brush and more - perfect for getting into tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas with ease. Additionally, this vacuum has a convenient 6 foot power cord so you can reach any area you need to clean without having to worry about cords tangling up or limiting your range too much.

A wet-dry vacuum is an invaluable tool for any homeowner. Not only can these powerful machines perform all the standard vacuuming tasks, but they are also capable of cleaning up spills and debris that would otherwise be difficult to manage. With so many different options on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one. The key is to consider your specific needs and budget when making a selection.

When shopping for a wet-dry vacuum, look for models that are lightweight yet powerful enough to handle large messes. Consider features such as cord length, suction power, and tank size as well. Those who need more specialized accessories should also look into purchasing additional attachments such as crevice tools and dusting brushes. Finally, make sure you read user reviews before buying in order to get an idea of how effective the particular model is at performing its job.

The Worx Wet Dry Vac

The Worx Wet Dry Vac is a powerful and efficient tool for tackling any mess in the house, garage or workshop. This wet dry vac utilizes a powerful 8-gallon tank to give you the suction power you need to clean up after your projects. The Worx Wet Dry Vac also comes with attachments that make it easy to get into hard-to-reach places, allowing you to clean faster and more thoroughly than ever before.

This multi-purpose vacuum features an onboard storage system so all of its accessories are conveniently organized, making them easily accessible when needed. It has two extensions wands that reach up to 8 feet, enabling you to cover a large area quickly and easily. With its long cord and 5ft hose, this wet dry vac is designed for maximum convenience while cleaning up those tough jobs around home or in the workshop.

The Worx Wet Dry Vac Pros and Cons


  1. Wide range of suction power options for various cleaning jobs.
  2. Easy to maneuver and includes storage compartments for accessories.
  3. Compact design makes it ideal for tight spaces and easy storage.
  4. Lightweight, weighing only 8 pounds.
  5. Feature an automatic shut-off when tank is full, preventing overflows or spills.


  1. Can be loud when vacuum is turned on high settings.
  2. Requires periodic emptying of the collection tank after use to prevent clogging and reduce smell from wet debris buildup over time.
  3. Difficult to clean hard-to-reach places due to limited length of hose attachment points.
  4. Smaller tank capacity limits amount of material that can be collected before needing to be emptied out again, making larger jobs take longer to complete with multiple emptying sessions required in between uses for optimal performance and efficiency gains during vacuuming tasks.

Wet Dry Vacs


  1. Wet-dry vacuums are versatile, allowing users to clean both wet and dry messes.
  2. They offer a higher level of suction power than traditional vacuum cleaners.
  3. Many models have multiple attachments, making it easier to reach tight spaces and corners.
  4. They are usually more affordable than other types of vacuum cleaners.
  5. They can be used for a variety of tasks, such as blowing leaves or sucking up water spills.


  1. Wet-dry vacuums tend to be bulky and heavy, making them difficult to transport or store away when not in use.
  2. They may require more maintenance than other types of vacuum cleaners due to the need for occasional filter changes or cleaning out the tank after use with water-based liquids like soapy solutions or bleach solution .
  3. Depending on the model, they may not be as effective at removing dust from carpets.

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