Flexwerk: The Best New Innovation in Fitness

Flexwerk: The Best New Innovation in Fitness
"FlexWerk isn’t satisfied offering the same processes and designs of the past. It’s a flexible, accessible, and customizable full-service ecosystem of FlexSpaces built in collaboration with the finest designers in Italy. From lighting and music to the immersive technology suite – every session can be the same or different depending on your needs!"

The Flexwerk App is wonderful, easy-to-use, and performs multiple functions. You can use it to reserve your Flexspace, unlock doors, check out the plans, watch hundreds of workout videos specifically for the Flexwerk equipment, buy products, connect with Flexwerk staff, connect with personal trainers, and more. The Flexwerk App has everything you need!


  • Access training plans and track workouts
  • Schedule workouts and stay committed by beating your personal bests
  • Track progress towards your goals
  • Connect to wearable devices like Apple Watch (synced to Health app), Fitbit and Withings to sync body stats instantly
  • Manage your nutrition intake as prescribed by your coach
  • Set health and fitness goals
  • Message your coach in real-time
  • Track body measurements and take progress photos


(888) 353-9975



Flexwerk is a state-of-the-art gym that offers an array of premium amenities without having a membership. The gym features spacious, private weight rooms (Flexspaces) with top-notch, custom-made equipment designed to cater to personal trainers and the general public.
The equipment is impressive, with the capability of hundreds of different exercises (all explained with videos on the Flexwerk App). In addition, each private room has easy-to-use controls for sound, lighting, fans, and more for customizing your experience. You can also connect your phone to the large TVs for videos, music, live coaching, video conferencing, or whatever works for you...and free WIFI.
In addition to the weight rooms, Flexwerk has dedicated cardio areas with rowers and climbers. The modern and well-maintained machines ensure they work efficiently for optimal workout sessions. Furthermore, these machines are equipped with premium programs which are complementary to use, not to mention highly motivating.
If security and safety are essential to you, they also have that covered. Your private room is accessed only by you. The front door to the lobby is locked, the lobby door to the Flexwerk hallways is locked, and each of the private workout rooms is locked. This place is very safety focussed...did I mention the security cameras?
The lobby has sports drinks, protein bars, water bottles, and more. Every time we visited Flexwerk, we were greeted by top-notch, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff members. They were eager to help in any way they could.
After your workout, you can shower in a private, high-end shower room. We noticed that everything in Flexwerk was spotless, and each room was well put together.
There is ample free parking on location, making it easy for members who drive to access the facility without hassle. In addition, Flexwerk's amenities ensure that every member feels comfortable and motivated during their fitness journey, irrespective of their fitness level or preference.

What is a Flexspace? "A FlexSpace is an innovative concept that we at FlexWerk believe is the future of fitness. We provide what a fitness professional, their clients, and everyday fitness enthusiasts need and want in an ideal fitness environment – everything from lighting, technology, and equipment to security, design, and comfort – in an easy-to-use solution that can be reserved for one hour at a time."



  • Private Workout Spaces
  • WIFI
  • Live Coaching
  • Video Conferencing
  • Streaming Music
  • Personal TV / Monitor


  • Live Coaching
  • Workout Library
  • No long term commitment to train or workout
  • Premium Workout Equipment
  • Optimized for filming, virtual training & Social Media


  • Customized Lifting Racks
  • Cable Lifting Systems
  • Complete Dumbbell Sets